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We stay safe, Andronis Exclusive

The moment that Santorini will once again be welcoming its visitors is now only a few weeks away. During this time, here at Andronis Exclusive, we have been working hard to prepare the best possible holiday experience for our guests and an ideally safe work environment for our employees.

For the past years, thousands of people from every corner of the world have trusted us with some of the most significant occasions of their lives, which we have managed to turn into unforgettable moments of happiness.

Today we are asking you to once again trust us with your precious holiday. Apart from the days of endless relaxation, fun and luxury, we have planned a special summer escape in one of the planet’s safest and most beautiful destinations: the unique and world-renowned volcanic Caldera.

In close cooperation with Ecolab, global experts in hygiene and sustainable solutions, and in line with the Greek government and the European Union’s health and safety guidelines, we have designed our strategy to ensure that guests will enjoy a delightful, yet safe stay. 

General Practices and Enhanced Cleaning Policies

Surgical Masks and antiseptic gels
  • We will be offering our services digitally on top of the traditional modus operandi: you may check-in online, order cocktails, book a cruise in the azure Aegean waters, and check out when your trip comes to an end, simply by using your mobile device, if you would prefer not to interact with the staff. We may be temporarily observing physical distancing, but we still remain by your side.
  • We will be providing Personal Hygiene & Protection kits to all our guests, including masks, antiseptic gel, gloves and sanitizing wipes to use at their discretion.
  • All the public spaces of the hotel will be equipped with Sanitizing Stations and will be constantly disinfected by dedicated housekeepers who will be focusing on high touch surfaces. 
  • Our Suites and public spaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily with the use of Hospital Grade Disinfectants, sanitation equipment and, for indoor spaces, technology including Ultra Violet lights and ozone machines.
Fence with Andronis Exclusive Towels
  • We are blessed in having the luxury OF spacious outdoor areas, both personal and public. Each Suite has a private entrance and a sunlit balcony with a dedicated pool or jacuzzi, which are cleansed and chlorinated daily. As you already know, chlorine is one of the strongest enemies of Covid-19, meaning that it will be absolutely safe to enjoy your swim in our pools or jacuzzis.
  • Our staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment as mandated by the guidelines.
  • As always, a doctor will be available 24/7 for our guests and employees, to cope with any medical emergency.

General Practices & Protocols Food & Beverage

Bell pepper sprouting
  • We are drastically reducing the capacity of our restaurants, so that you can enjoy an exclusive private dining experience just a breath away from your Suite.
  • We are establishing strict sanitization protocols for the disinfection of chairs and tables between guest sittings at our restaurants.  
  • Breakfast will be served in your Suite, so that you can enjoy it in the privacy of your balcony or room without additional charge
  • If you would rather enjoy your breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we will be pleased to offer you an à la carte menu with fresh and fantastic choices. We will be suspending our buffet service this year, but you will have the opportunity to savour a customized and safe breakfast meal.
Fence with Andronis Exclusive Towels
  • For those of you who would prefer not to leave the comfort of your room, we would like to advise you that we have hired extra colleagues in our room service department, in order to provide you with a minimum-interaction XX dining experience.
  • We are engaging trustworthy and health certified local suppliers. Furthermore, we disinfect each product before storing or using it.

General Practices & Protocols Spa and Fitness Center

Fresh mushrooms, peppers and corn
  • Massages and treatments will be offered in our ambient treatment rooms which will be sterilized with the use of UV technology after each treatment.
  • Our colleagues at the Fitness Center will ensure the cleanliness of the area, by disinfecting the exercise machines and gym equipment after every use.
  • We have enabled social distancing in our Fitness Center by removing some of the equipment and establishing a daily schedule for deep cleaning.

General Practices & Protocols For our Team Members

Woman wearing surgical mask applying antieptic gel
  • Our hotel staff is well-trained to carefully follow the health and hygiene guidelines while offering their usual top-notch luxury services. Health checks will be conducted daily ON each member of the hotel team to ensure they are in good health.

We may have replaced the handshake with different greeting styles, we have hidden our smiles behind a protective mask and have stopped sharing the same bοwl of fresh Greek salad, but our hearts remain loyal to the traditional Greek hospitality or “Philoxenia”, the treat, the company, the always warm welcome of our guests!

We have missed you and we look forward to seeing you!*

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