Andronis Santorini Luxury Hotels

Santorini Luxury Restaurants have never been this good

Andronis presents fresh, organic and delightful gastronomy at its finest...

Quality food and drink have been an important feature of the Mediterranean for centuries. Nowhere is this more evident than in Santorini and the Andronis Luxury Suites, where traditional recipes have blended with organic ingredients and elements of nouvelle cuisine to create a superlative menu. Local cheeses, virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, Greek herbs and succulent meats render the menu choices irresistible, while delicious desserts add a final touch to balance the delicate savoury tastes.

Local cuisine and global recipes at the Andronis Luxury Suites are best washed down with some of Santorini’s famous local wines, cultivated from the island’s very own vineyards. There is also a special selection of international wines that connoisseurs would definitely enjoy.


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